new setup.exe in cvs!

Michael Ring
Mon Jul 10 12:42:00 GMT 2000

On Mon, 10 Jul 2000 15:15:27 -0400, you wrote:

>> I tried it a few minutes ago, WOW! Looks nice! I am impressed.
>> Here my 10 Cents: (one important, 2 cosmetic)
>Feel free to help write code... ;-)

That would by python, /bin/sh or delphi code 8-)

>> /usr/lib, /usr/bin and / are registered in HKEY_CURRENT_USER, this
>> will break tools (like inetutils) which need to see the mounts in the
>> context of hkey_local_machine. (Corinna, please correct me if I am
>> wrong on this)
>I'm thinking that in the dialog where you specify the root mount,
>there should be a "system/user" option, which controls mount points,
>start menus, etc.  Obviously, greyed out if the user isn't privileged.

not in the version I am using. I deleted my cvs-directory an hour ago
because I am having trouble with libcygwin.a. The setup I started gave
me a choice between binary and text-mounts, not between system/user

>I think the old setup used the user mount table too.

But still, there is this problem that a service running under
system-account needs mounts in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, even if the old
setup did the same thing.

>The old setup did the same thing, but removed them all right before
>> So, the problem is either:
>> The text 'Install from Internet' should be renamed to 'Download to
>> current directory and install'
>> or
>> setup should download one file at a time to %TMP% , install it and
>> then remove the file after successful installation.
>> If the user hits Cancel during installation the file in %TMP% should
>> be deleted.
>I think just removing the files at the end of setup would be
>sufficient.  The longer text would only confuse people, and the
>download-at-a-time option makes the code logic more complex,
>especially since the same code that does that handles the
>download-only and install-only options.

>You'd also have dueling dialogs as they switched from download to
>install and back.
>> (( I cannot choose direct connection, only ie5 settings. (O.K. this is
>> perhaps a todo I found;)))
>Right.  It's listed in the README also.

README??, o.k. you got me.

I have read it now.

This saved you another silly question for features to be added soon.

Sorry for that,

Michael Ring

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