Please try DJ's version of setup

DJ Delorie
Fri Jul 7 20:22:00 GMT 2000

> I would really appreciate it if people would try this out.

FYI, I *know* it doesn't create cygwin.bat yet, or create any
shortcuts.  There's also a lot of *new* features we've been discussing
on the mailing list that I haven't yet implemented (read the
cinstall/README file for a list).

However, please test it and make sure it proplerly downloads and
installs the software.  The first time you run it, it will re-install
everything (sorry) as it uses a different database for remembering
what's installed, and it needs to record more information about
installed software for updates to work properly anyway.

I would appreciate hearing the success stories as well as the
problems, so that I can determine how severe reported bugs really are.

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