experimental new GUI setup

DJ Delorie dj@delorie.com
Thu Jul 6 12:54:00 GMT 2000

> The list of mirrors seems sort of cramped.  Could it just list
> the names of the systems rather than the full URL?

If you do that, you won't know which are ftp and which are http.
Besides, they just fall off the right edge anyway :-)

> The "username/password" part of the download threw me.  We
> didn't need this for the old setup program.  I didn't fill
> out anything and it seemed to work.  Is this required or
> can it be marked as (optional)?

It is optional.  In the old setup, it would ask you for the password
only if the proxy returned an error requiring it.  In the new one, it
asks for all the internet options at once.

> I used ftp.freesoftware.com as the mirror to download from and it gave
> me an error because there was 750 people logged in and the maximum was
> hit.  Unfortunately, the error showed up *behind* the "Cygwin
> Setup/Downloading/setup.ini/Connecting..." screen.

Hmmm, it showed up in front on mine.  I suppose I can force it with a
suitable flag.

> When I clicked on the OK on the error screen I got an "Unable to get
> setup.ini from..." error, as expected.  But, then clicking on the OK
> aborted the setup.  Would it be possible to add a "Choose another
> mirror" (or maybe a Back -> button) and an "Exit" button to make what is
> going to happen clearer?

Adding a "back" option is best, or have it automatically return to the
mirrors list upon failure.  Something to add in the future, no doubt.
Errors aren't robustly handled yet.

> I wonder if we should always retrieve the setup.ini via http from
> sourceware.  That would ensure that the latest version was always
> retrieved.

No, because if the setup.ini files don't match the ftp site then setup
gets very confused.

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