to-do list updated, some small tasks for the ambitious

Egor Duda
Tue Jul 4 12:17:00 GMT 2000


Tuesday, 04 July, 2000 Chris Faylor wrote:

>>CF>   I've  updated  the  cygwin  todo  list  with  some  small  and
>>not-so-small tasks CF> that should be done.
>>CF> Is anyone interested in taking on some relatively easy tasks that will
>>CF> improve cygwin functionality?
>>Speaking  of mouse support, do you think it's better to implement some
>>kind  of  generic  mechanism  for  mapping  INPUT_RECORD's  to  escape
>>sequences,  a  la console-tools? what do you think about allowing user
>>to change this mapping at runtime via (e.g.) cygwin_internal or ioctl?
>>i'm ready to do this.

CF> I  thought  that  just  implementing  xterm style escape sequences
CF> would be more than adequate.

actually,  i  want  to write (and actually have already written a part
of) tool, that will allow to "ttyify" non-cygwin console applications.
to  run  them  via  ssh,  for  example.  the  current  problem is than
non-cygwin  applications  are  suited for win32ish style of input, and
cugwin  simply  drops  everything  it  cannot  find in keytable[] from  For  that  reason,  my  application  now works in
"read-only"  mode  -- i can see console of "ttyfied" application in my
ssh  tty,  but  cannot  send  anything  not in cygwin console driver's

CF> I'm not familiar with console-tools.  Is this a linux utility?

it's  a set of utilities to tweak linux console driver internal tables
like  scancode-to-keycode  table, keycode-to-escape-sequence table and
fonts.  in  cygwin  land,  fonts  and  scancode-to-keycode mapping are
implemented  by windows, and keycode-to-esc table -- by cygwin. i feel
that  it  won't  be  too  hard  to make this cygwin mapping a bit more
flexible without much bloat.

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