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Andrew Dalgleish
Wed Jan 26 19:46:00 GMT 2000

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> Pick the ones with the highest version number.
[Andrew Dalgleish]  

Just a thought...
I like the way debian number their packages with the "upstream" version
as the most significant, and the "debian" version as the least
This makes it easy to identify which upstream version you are using, and
also allows for more than one package version.

One question:
For packages like the GNU fileutils etc, will the source tarballs
include the original source + patches (similar to debian) or pre-patched
source files?

I prefer the former because:
* A stand-alone patch helps document what had to change to make the
package work under cygwin.
* A patch for version X will often (?) work for version X+1.
* One package maintainer computes the diff vs many package downloaders
doing it, perhaps incorrectly.

* Harder to build. (And hence more noise on the list)
* More work for the package maintainer. (Hmm, not good... :-)

Andrew Dalgleish

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