next net release preliminary info

Earnie Boyd
Wed Jan 26 08:35:00 GMT 2000

--- DJ Delorie <> wrote:
> OK, it's my turn to do a cygwin net release, and I've talked Chris
> into letting me try doing it a different way (hopefully this will
> benefit the net community in the long run).  So, here's my ideas.
> First, we'll split up the release into separate tarballs for each
> package (cygwin, gcc, gdb, etc).  That way, (1) users can download
> just what they want, and (2) we can update individual packages as
> they're released instead of waiting forever to release everything all
> at once.

I like this much.

> Second, each "package" gets its own directory.  Thus, there will be a
> top-level "make" directory that contains the latest binaries, sources,
> patches, old versions if needed, etc. does this, and it
> makes for a much cleaner top-level directory.

This is good too.  I would like to see the things common to each package,
things like readline, intl, etc. moved to this level and removed from the
package for the sake of the cygwin distributions as well.  This would cut down
on the size of each package but would require managing dependencies

> We're still trying to figure out what to do about a setup/install
> program.  I've got dreams of an "ideal" program, but it would take too
> long to do.  I've cobbled together a zip of the minimum startup files
> (tar and gzip) for now.
> If anyone has any comments, opinions, or requests, now's the time to
> post them.

I've added a quote from the Mingw32 list about "Freeware" installers.  Haven't
checked them myself.


------Quote from the Mingw32 list follows-------
"alfred reibenschuh" wrote: 
original article:
> check this out:

In case you're interested, here are some other links to freeware
install programs for Windows (or DOS).
-Source code from an article on how to write an installer - HJ-Install - Inno Setup - DOS

This is definitely one area that's missing in compiler distributions if
you don't purchase MSVC, Borland or a compiler that comes with a
professional install package.

Anyone have URLs for ported Linux/Unix install programs they want to

Laura Michaels

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