Suggestion for regtool

Corinna Vinschen
Fri Jan 21 02:29:00 GMT 2000

DJ Delorie wrote:
> No, just a simple backslash checker:
> [...]
> I just want the meaning of '\\' to not be dependent on the character
> following it.  I hadn't thought of adding codes for newline etc, but I
> can see how that would be useful.  What does bash support?

Nearly the same. I have used the backslash processing of the
readline library. At first I thought it would be useless but now
I know it is useful, mainly because it's capable to process
characters that are not on the keyboard.
Each ISO character > 127 may be part of a registry key. The \Oct and
\xHex expressions allow you to type this chars regardless of your
native keyboard layout.

> Another option is to use HTTP or MIME quoting, like %30 is a '0' or
> =45 for 'E'.  I'm not sure which would be more "natural" for cygwin
> users.

It's a command line tool. So it should do it similar to the shell.


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