ntsec-patch16 (and some other)

Chris Faylor cgf@cygnus.com
Sun Jan 9 12:38:00 GMT 2000

On Sun, Jan 09, 2000 at 02:16:40PM -0600, Mumit Khan wrote:
>On Sun, 9 Jan 2000, Chris Faylor wrote:
>>The problem is that Corinna is building in the same directory as the
>>sources so the profile directory is there by default.
>Duh! I knew I was overlooking something.  I'll get a fix out today that
>sets the SUBDIRS in winsup/mingw/Makefile from the configure script

I was just starting to look into this myself.  It's fun contributing to
"another" free software project for a change.

I'll let you do this, though, since I just realized that my recent
makethread changes are not thread safe and need to be fixed.  Sigh.


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