Core dumps

Egor Duda
Tue Jan 4 06:00:00 GMT 2000


Dec 30 1999 Christopher Faylor <> wrote:

CF> This is great stuff.  I've been meaning to ask you about this for
CF> some time.

CF> It is likely that this won't apply cleanly against gdb, at least, but
CF> we'll let you know.

I've looked at gdb and bfd snapshots from 1999-12-21, and remake all
patches. Seems that new StackWalk scheme won't work with core files
(at least i don't know if it is possible to use SymInitialize() & Co.
APIs without having running process, so i left old way of stack
tracing if we debug core dump. I've also changed winsup patch to
provide synchronization between core dumper and trapped process, and
to prevent recursive "error_start"ing of processes -- debugger can
possibly trap, and if so, we'll effectively get machine down with
a lots of spawning processes.

Patch to bfd includes changes, so 'configure' script
should be regenerated.

I've also encountered a small problem with gdb-19991221 -- it handles
global cygwin1.dll variables like 'myself' or 'tty_master'
incorrectly (_without my patches too_). I'll try to research this
problem if i have time.

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