SGML modifications?

Thu Dec 21 13:06:00 GMT 2000

Hello CygPeeps,

I would like to start going through the winsup/doc/sgml files and update
them as follows.

1) Make the sgml fully conformant (no missing closing tags, etc).

	In order to do this, I prefer to reformat the sgml files to the format I've
enclosed below. It definitely helps tracking down tags, as well as making
things a bit easier to update.

2) Use consistent case/usage as much as possible.

	For example, in cygwinenv.sgml, the default state of each environment
variable is stated clearly at the end of each entry.

3) (distant #3 right now, since I am not familiar with the code), update
docs to reflect current/future implementation.

I've enclosed an example of the mods I would like to make to cygwinenv.sgml.
I'll continue with the rest of the sgml files conditional on feedback from

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