Matt matt@use.net
Thu Dec 14 22:08:00 GMT 2000

On Thu, 14 Dec 2000, Earnie Boyd wrote:

> IIRC, someone had built ElectricFence just for Cygwin.  I'm also thinking that
> it was a MinGW version.  It's been a while ago, a couple of years.  Search the
> cygwin list.

Alas, Efence doesn't provide nearly the functionality that purify does.
(API checking, etc). njamd (not just another malloc debugger) is better,
but still not quite there.

I tried to modify Insure++ for win32 to use cygwin's gcc instead of VC6,
but it screwed up my insure++ install so badly I had to remove and
reinstall it.

If I ever get any of this stuff working, I'll let the list know (udner the
grand assumption it isn't considered off-topic :).

it's better to burn out
than to fade away

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