Anyone having problems with the latest winsup/cygwin1.dll?

Thu Dec 14 14:32:00 GMT 2000

Hi CygPeeps,

I'm having memory problems with the latest cygwin1.dll. I did a clean cvs co
winsup today at around 1pm.

The problem occurs at line 618 of (version 1.38)

before that line,

eq = 0xA010209

and after that line

eq = 0x6100B622

The crash always happens there, but it depends on which environment
variables are set. In every case so far, line 617 never had to be executed,
so it goes from line 616 to 618 then 619. The crash happens because eq is
garbage by line 619. I suspect it's a memory problem because several
iterations of this particular code works OK. Anyone happen to have purify on


    615       char *eq;
    616       if ((eq = strchr (newp, '=')) == NULL)
    617         eq = strchr (newp, '\0');
    618       if (!myself->ppid_handle)
    619         ucenv (newp, eq);

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