winsup/doc layout change?

DJ Delorie
Thu Dec 7 16:58:00 GMT 2000

> edward> As of now, there doesn't seem to be any difference in the -int
> edward> vs regular, because none of the sgml files have the int-* or
> edward> add-* tags. So the way I have it at the moment, cygwin-api-int
> edward> reuses the files in cygwin-api, and just outputs it into a
> edward> a different directory. A bit overkill at the moment, but no harm
> edward> done.

Except that jade *already* creates separate subdirectories.

> The *-net variants are derived from the base variant.  There shouldn't be
> any need to keep the two separate, and jade puts the output files in
> separate subdirectories anyway.
> edward> Well, jade doesn't do that. The Makefile that's currently there
> edward> does that.

There's nothing in the Makefile that *specifies* a subdirectory.  It
just *recognizes that db2html is going to create one.

> edward> Again, most of the files are reused in the way I have
> edward> it set up, from the cygwin-ug directory. There's only one sgml
> edward> file in the -net directory I've setup (

Since most of the files are common, they should be together.

> edward> At the moment, I don't have any files in there. It's just a place
> edward> holder for random files. Ideally, they don't exist.

In that case, don't create them until we really need them.

> edward> So in summary, keep the simple files (doctool.* and the text files) in
> edward> the doc directory. Anything reasonably complicated gets its own directory.

Personally, I don't think the doc directory is that complicated yet.
Check out the gcc directory.

> edward> So far so good. Any comments about going to automake/autoconf in at
> edward> at least the doc directory? Or starting to switch files from *.texi and
> edward> *.txt to *.sgml?

I'd prefer texi over the others.  SGML was chosen for the books
because Red Hat publishing uses that format for the printed manuals.
Of course, Texinfo can be used for printed books too.

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