doctool.c patch

DJ Delorie
Thu Dec 7 09:40:00 GMT 2000

> Enclosed is a patch for winsup/doc/doctool.c. I've extended it to allow
> symbolically linked files to be considered as valid source files. This
> allows doctool to find the correct files for those of us who check out the
> entire :/cvs/src tree and use the configure-target-winsup to compile winsup.

doctool specifically uses lstat to avoid symlinks.  Your patch undoes
that.  If this is really what you want, then you have to consider two

1. The original code is there to avoid symlinks.  Why?  What problems
   could symlinks cause, that the original author already encountered
   and dealt with? (hint: symlinks to directories, symlinks causing

2. If you want symlinks treated as files, just take out the lstat/stat
   logic, and always use stat.

Plus, you dind't include a ChangeLog entry.

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