winsup/doc layout change?

DJ Delorie
Thu Dec 7 09:30:00 GMT 2000

> 	cygwin-api/
> 	cygwin-api-int/
> 	cygwin-ug/
> 	cygwin-ug-net/

The *-net variants are derived from the base variant.  There shouldn't
be any need to keep the two separate, and jade puts the output files
in separate subdirectories anyway.

> 	doctool/		<- source for doctool.exe

A whole directory for one source file?

> 	sgml/			<- sgml sources
> 	texinfo/		<- texinfo sources

Sources for what?  If they're part of the api, ug, or faq docs then
they'd already be elsewhere.

> 	text/			<- random text files until we have real docs

Those could just stay in the doc/ directory.

> 	utils/		<- sgml files for the apps in utils

I'd rather keep those with the utils.  DJGPP history has shown that
keeping doc files adjacent to source files promotes doc writing.  The
whole point of doctool is to put the documentation *in* the sources,
to push this concept even further.

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