cygcheck patch

Wed Dec 6 16:49:00 GMT 2000

I realised that one big patch like this might be frowned upon, I'll try
and break it up next time. This is my first time submitting a patch, so
please be gentle with criticism/comments :)

* utils/ moved keyeprint() declaration before other functions
so it could be used by all functions to report error messages

* utils/ all initial uses of pointers are now checked for
NULL. This includes pointers from malloc(), and pointers 
  passed into functions. If NULL pointers are encountered, keyeprint is
used to report them.

* utils/ Added error checking for calls to
GetVolumeInformation(), SetFilePointer(), GetSystemDirectory(),
  CloseHandle(), GetFileInformationByHandle(), FileTimeToSystemTime(),
RegCloseKey(), GetVersionEx(),
  and FreeLibrary()

* utils/ Added default case to switch(dtype) in dump_sysinfo()

* utils/ Corrected small memory leak in cygwin_info()

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