bash/cygwin leaking process handles

Sun Dec 3 23:09:00 GMT 2000

I want to say the new installer rocks and the fact that openssh/openssl is
now in the default 'distribution' is great. I saw Corinna's name in the
OpenSSH ChangeLog a few months ago, I figured she was up to something :)

Anyways, I updated to 1.1.6 and all that good stuff on my NT4 laptop.
While I was testing my update to cygcheck, I noticed the bash.exe process
had some handles open to non-existant processes. (Using handleex, @ ). You can also see this occurring
by adding the Handle Count column to Task Manager.

This is pretty easy to reproduce:
1. start a fresh bash instance
2. start another bash instance from inside the original instance
3. exit the last bash instance you started
4. repeat.

result: one process handle will be leaked for every repeat. There appear
to be two handles leaked just starting the original bash, though. By
handle leak, I am meaning that a process handle is still open to a process
that no longer exists.

I can't tell if this happens on win9x or not since I don't have any tools
that show me this kind of thing on that platform.

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than to fade away

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