Changes to cygwin licensing terms

Corinna Vinschen
Mon May 10 12:49:00 GMT 1999

Chris Faylor wrote:
> [...]
> Note that, in accordance with section 10 of the GNU GPL, Cygnus permits
> programs whose sources are distributed under a license that complies
> with the Open Source(tm) definition to be linked with libcygwin.a
> without libcygwin.a itself causing the resulting program to be covered
> by the GNU GPL.  This means tha, if you provide the source code for your
> program you are not required to include the software for the cygwin DLL
> as well.  If this is unclear, please contact for
> clarification.
> [...]
> Does anyone have any comments on this, positive or negative?

Only positive: This _is_ a good thing!

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