new core files

Egor Duda
Mon May 10 09:51:00 GMT 1999


May 8 1999, Chris Faylor <> wrote:

 CF> I should point out that the subject of core dumps was recently raised
 CF> in some gdb discusions.  There seems to be a general consensus that
 CF> for targets, like cygwin, which don't support a native core dump
 CF> format, that the target should use the ELF core dump format.  It seems
 CF> to be the most flexible format for this type of thing.

I've  tried  to  do it using bfd. It works ok, i've only needed to add
new  note  section type to store CONTEXT structure and function to bfd
code  to  pass it to gdb. But it makes cygwin (not cygwin1.dll itself,
but "core-dumper" tool) dependent on bfd. is it ok?

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