Changes to cygwin licensing terms

Chris Faylor
Sun May 9 20:22:00 GMT 1999

I thought that I would run the following change by everyone here before
I spring it on the general mailing list.

I've just gotten approval to add this paragraph to the cygwin license:

Note that, in accordance with section 10 of the GNU GPL, Cygnus permits
programs whose sources are distributed under a license that complies
with the Open Source(tm) definition to be linked with libcygwin.a
without libcygwin.a itself causing the resulting program to be covered
by the GNU GPL.  This means tha, if you provide the source code for your
program you are not required to include the software for the cygwin DLL
as well.  If this is unclear, please contact for

I started the initiative to make this change when the license
controversy was raging in the cygwin mailing list.  Due to various
boring internal reasons, the usually speedy wheels of approval at Cygnus
were somewhat bogged down so this has taken more than a month to work
its way back to me.

Hopefully everyone will agree that this is a good thing.  Long
experience has shown me that this may be a very naive assumption on my
part, however.

Does anyone have any comments on this, positive or negative?


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