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Egor Duda
Sun May 9 04:57:00 GMT 1999


Saturday, May 08 1999, Chris Faylor wrote to Egor Duda:


 >> Now, all committed pages from process's virtual memory are dumped to
 >> core.  So dump of the minimal program takes 6-10M, depending of
 >> presence or absence of debug info in cygwin1.dll.  I feel that it's a
 >> bit overkill, but don't know common way to distinguish between
 >> "useful" pages and "void" ones.

 CF> I'm not sure why you're writing symbol information.  That shouldn't be
 CF> necessary.  Symbol information should come from the DLL itself.  Also,
 CF> there is no reason to write out the text segment since that should
 CF> also be coming from the DLL also.

 The problem is to tell debug info from data segment by looking into
 process's virtual memory. The only way i know is to try to find out
 full path to dll or exe, which is mapped into given part of process's
 address space, and to extract segment info from the image. But the
 only "legal" way to do it, afaik, is to use microsoft's nt-only

 CF> I believe that the only thing that should show up in a core file is
 CF> the stack, the heap, the data segments of the program and any DLLs (or
 CF> at least the cygwin DLL) and register contents.

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