new core files

Egor Duda
Sat May 8 08:51:00 GMT 1999


I've written a (prototype) code to allow cygwin programs dump "real"
cores, and appropriate bfd back-end to make gdb understand them. And
i've got a couple of questions. First -- whether trapped program
should start separate process "a-la dr.Watson" to write core file, or
it should write core file by itself? And second -- where should *.core
go if current directory isn't writable?

Now, all committed pages from process's virtual memory are dumped to
core. So dump of the minimal program takes 6-10M, depending of
presence  or  absence of debug info in cygwin1.dll. I feel that it's a
bit overkill, but don't know common way to distinguish between "useful"
pages and "void" ones.

Yet another problem is with gdb itself. I've made it support new
target "cygwin-core", but it still recognizes dump as coff :( Perhaps
that's because dump contains parts of exe's image, which look pretty
much like coff. As a temporary workaround, I've set GNUTARGET env var
to "cygwin-core", but i don't feel it's a proper way. So would anybody
kindly point me to the appropriate place in docs?

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