possible Cygwin bugs

Joerg Schilling schilling@fokus.gmd.de
Wed May 5 11:58:00 GMT 1999


I am just under way of porting ~ 3.5 MB of my private source code 
to Cygwin b20-1. The software includes

my own editor
my own shell

I found several problems that may be a bug or may be not. 
1)      The terminal size returned by TIOCGWINSIZE seems to be OK, 
        but the emulator wrappes one column too early. 
        I had to hack my editor to make it usable with this problem. 
1a)     On Win95, there is a problem with autorepeating cursor keys. 
        the terminal emulator looses single chars of the escape 
        sequences and I get [D[`s  inserted by bash or my editor. 
2)      rmdir(file) returns ENOTEMPTY. This is causing a bug in 
        both 'GNUtar' and 'star' (I now carefully handle the problem 
        but I hope it may be fixed). 
3)      You should note in the docs that the DOS filesystem only  
        increments in steps modulo 2 seconds. 
        Star will usually behave similar to cpio and tell you that 
        you don't need to extract a file because it is not newer 
        in the archive. If you extract a bunch of files and try it  
        a second time, star used tell you that half of all files  
        still need to be extracted. I had to introduce a workaround 
        But I believe that other programmers will get similar problems. 
4)      When I try to let may shell use its own malloc() which uses 
        sbrk(), it core dumps before main() gets called. 
        Are there any restrictions with the sbrk() implementation? 
In addition, I have a question about realtime priorities on win32.

Cdrecord likes to do mlockal() and also likes to put itself into
the highest possible priority. Is there any way to this in Cywgin?


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