gdb "attach" and sharing thread info between processes

Egor Duda
Sat May 1 09:31:00 GMT 1999


April, 30 1999, Chris Faylor <> wrote:

>>I'm   also  planning  to  make  a  patch  to winsup, which would allow
>>to  handle exceptions  by  starting  debugger.  i  think  it  would be
>>acceptable  substitution  for  core  files  functionality. What do you
>>think about usefulness of such patch?

CF> It sounds like a good idea as long as it doesn't add too much bloat to the

So, here it goes. It was made against Snapshot-1999/04/10. It's rather
gdb-centric, but i don't think any other debugger can handle gcc's
debug info anyway.

CF> It should also be possible to write "core files" that are actually
CF> readable by gdb.  You just have to decide on a format, get the DLL to dump
CF> using that format, and teach gdb about the format.  Simple.  :-)

Hmm, perhaps. :) I just need to get a bit more familiar with BFD library...

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