winsup-990126: Strange problem with cvs 1.10

Corinna Vinschen
Fri Feb 5 04:19:00 GMT 1999

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Does the newest snapshot fix this problem, Corinna?
> >
> >The last snapshot (990202) doesn't work anymore. I can't test the behaviour
> >of cvs.
> Hopefully, I have fixed this but there were some non-cygwin bugs which
> stopped the snapshots from updating on the web.
> There should be a 1999-Feb-04 snapshot available soon.  I hope that you
> will be able to try this one out.
> >BTW: Why should this snapshot fix the cvs behaviour?  The code of
> Because it was my theory that this was an fopen problem.  fopen was
> always setting O_TEXT when no other flag was specified.  I don't think
> that that is correct behavior and it has been changed in our sources.

Kazuhiro Fujieda wrote:
> newlib/libc/stdio/flags.c was slightly modified. But this
> modification is not included in winsup-diffs-19990130-19990202.
> You have to get cygwin-src-19990202.tar.gz.


I have #if 0 the code in newlib/libc/stdio/flags.c, which set mode to
O_TEXT and patched my winsup sources to the 19990202-19990203 diff.

The cvs problem is solved now! The diff also solved the mount problems
of the 19990202 snapshot. Your theory was right, Chris.


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