winsup-990126: Strange problem with cvs 1.10

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Feb 4 02:48:00 GMT 1999

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 30, 1999 at 01:19:05PM +0100, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >DJ Delorie wrote:
> >>
> >> > cvs is suddenly convinced, that the file foo was changed
> >> > in _every_ line, which is not the case. This happens with
> >> > every file, it's 100% reproducable.
> >>
> >> This sounds like it might be a CR/LF problem.  Could you pipe the
> >> output through "cat -vetu" and see if it notices ^M changes?
> >
> >Yes, you can see ^M in the versionfile foo,v while output. This
> >isn't the truth for the file foo,v on disk, but cvs copies the
> >contents into a temporary file, which has dos newlines after that.
> >Then it's opened for reading in binary mode!
> >
> >I'm using CYGWIN='binmode ntea tty' and only binary mounts.
> Does the newest snapshot fix this problem, Corinna?
> cgf

The last snapshot (990202) doesn't work anymore. I can't test the behaviour
of cvs.

My mounts:
Device              Directory           Type         Flags
D:                  /                   system       binmode
R:                  /cdrom              system       binmode
C:                  /cygdrive/c         user,auto    textmode
F:                  /export             system       binmode
E:                  /zip                system       binmode

I can't change directory to /export/src because the system is convinced,
the directory /export is empty. the link /src -> /export/src isn't
usable anymore. 

BTW: Why should this snapshot fix the cvs behaviour? The code of is the same as in the previous snapshot.
As I wrote to DJ, I'm using the old code of fhandler_base constructor
and open call for setting bin/text mode.


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