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Christopher Faylor
Mon Feb 1 06:33:00 GMT 1999

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From: (Mikey)
Subject: Re: tiny patch for execvp [Re: Problems with winsup-981223]
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 06:29:17 GMT
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On Sun, 31 Jan 1999 00:17:07 -0500, you wrote:

>On Sat, Jan 30, 1999 at 06:09:08PM -0500, DJ Delorie wrote:
>>> > _ctype_ DATA
>>> We run configure/builds almost every night and haven't run across a
>>> problem with this.  Have you updated your libcygwin.a?
>>You would only see this problem if the native compiler was a
>>cygwin-hosted compiler.  In other words, on builds *on* NT would see
>>this.  Unix builds would never see this.
>I understand where the prpblem was coming from.  I thought that you
>actually did configure/build on NT fairly regularly.

Actually the only specific problem that this currently causes is that a
spurious -DNEED_sys_nerr and -DNEED_sys_errlist are generated, (or
whatever the macros are that trigger building the two I'm not running
configure right now :), which means that programs that link with
libiberty will get different static versions of sys_nerr, and

The reason I brought this up is so that the people who do core
development would be aware of the problems associated with using/not
using the DATA keyword in .def files.  and the consequences to configure

I don't know who is responsible for maintaining the autoconf scripts
(Ian?) but I would think that probably not breaking configure (on 200+
targets :) is more important than the occasional breakage from programs
not including the correct header.  so I would vote to not use the DATA
keyword in cygwin32.

Then again this isn't a democracy.

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