calm/mksetupini changes

Jon Turney
Sat Jun 26 13:29:48 GMT 2021

On 28/03/2020 19:26, Jon Turney wrote:
> I've recently deployed some updates to calm, which change a few things 
> maintainers may notice:

Been a while since I wrote one of these mails:

* Meaningless keys in .hint or src.hint files are now disallowed

- 'requires:' and 'obsolete:' are not allowed in src.hint files
- 'skip:' is not allowed in hint files

In the unlikely event that:

- you have a private package repository, AND
- you run calm version >= 20210626

You'll might need to successfully run 'calm-tool fix-invalid-key-hint' 
on that repository, to drop those invalid keys, before you can use calm 
or mksetupini.

* 'homepage:' is now mandatory in uploaded src.hint

(or HOMEPAGE must exist in the .cygport, if you are using a cygport so 
old it doesn't generate src.hint files)

* Upload of a 0-byte file in place of a empty compressed archive is no 
longer permitted

(cygport stopped generating such anomalies years ago)

* The 'virtual' is now allowed in 'category:', and indicates to calm 
that this package only exists to pull in other packages (i.e. is empty, 
but has dependencies, which it otherwise might warn about).

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