GitHub automation for Cygwin builds [Was: Updated: moreutils v0.65-1]

Jon Turney
Sun Jun 6 17:19:08 GMT 2021

On 09/05/2021 15:40, Jon Turney wrote:
> On 17/01/2021 15:33, Adam Dinwoodie wrote:
>> On Sat, 16 Jan 2021 at 22:31, Ken Brown wrote:
>>> I think these limitations are outweighed by the fact that a Scallywag 
>>> build is
>>> automatically triggered by a push to an official source repo
>>> (  All maintainers can use 
>>> this without
>>> any special setup.
>> That's clearly incredibly valuable, yes. I'm hoping to reduce the
>> special setup using GitHub Actions requires, but it's clearly going to
>> require more than zero setup.
> I'd rather not be replicating the tooling to do this into every package 
> repository.
> All the AppVeyor builds that scallywag does are of the scallywag 
> repository itself, since the AppVeyor API lets me parameterize the build 
> (by the package repository and commit-id)
> In a brief investigation, I didn't find anything similar for github 
> actions.

It seems that this has capability been added since the time I checked 
(the 'repository_dispatch' workflow trigger event).

I've deployed a change which switches the build back-end from AppVeyor 
to GitHub:  This should be faster (as it's not limited to a single job 
at a time) and more useful (since the job timeout is 6 hours, not 1 hour).

I'd like feedback on what other improvements are needed for this to 
become the preferable way to build packages.

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