[ITP] tractorgen 0.31.7

Brian Inglis Brian.Inglis@SystematicSw.ab.ca
Wed Jun 2 17:43:39 GMT 2021

On 2021-06-02 10:12, Ken Brown via Cygwin-apps wrote:
> On 6/1/2021 1:36 PM, Marco Atzeri via Cygwin-apps wrote:
>> On 01.06.2021 14:41, Daisuke Fujimura via Cygwin-apps wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> [ITP] A new package proposal: tractorgen
>>> - tractorgen
>> The package seems not very used.
>> Not sure fit in our scope for missing the need for a vote
>> Opinion from the other maintainers ?

> Since the package doesn't appear to be in any of the standard Linux 
> distributions, I think our policy is that it needs affirmative votes 
> from 5 maintainers.

+1 It is packaged in BSD ports.
We need to offer more relaxation and fun, and I intend to explore the 
games category more: I should do so while waiting for cygport builds; I 
used to play GNU games a long time ago, while waiting for builds.
I installed Cygwin sl long ago, rescued {asr,funny}-manpages from Debian 
when they announced dropping them, and have built those, cowsay, moo, 
and others for local installs.
I have also saved archives of {comp,mod}.sources*, Heirloom, and Moby 
collections, as many of those games/utilities originated there.
I have hesistated to ITP them: if there is interest in ASCII Art 
games/utilities, I will offer those I have.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This email may be disturbing to some readers as it contains
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