python 2 check & cleaning

Marco Atzeri
Mon Jan 18 05:33:09 GMT 2021

Hi All,

the current python test packages remove the link python->python2.7
and replace with an alternative appraouch.

Before making the switch, I would like to review the packages that could 
be broken, so I looked at all packages, not in "python*-*" form,
that pull one of the "python", "python2" and "python27" using

    $ cygcheck-dep -O -S -q -n python..

as base.

There are almost 200 binary packages
(of the almost 9000 currently present on 64 bit)

The list with source package and maintainer is here:

I know that Mercurial need rebuild, and I assume the same
for subversion (that I plan to adopt).

Could you please check your packages if they will work with
preferred python3.8 ?

Texlive and fontforge seem the most urgent, IMHO, for a verification.

As python2 is officially dead, a fast switch is nice to have
without braking too many critical packages.

Thanks in advance & Regards

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