Missing libglibmm2.4-devel-2.54.1-2 for x86

Lemures Lemniscati lemures.lemniscati@gmail.com
Sun Sep 27 01:33:12 GMT 2020


I've noticed that libglibmm2.4-devel-2.54.1-2 for x86 is missing, while its x86_64 version is available
(cf. https://www.cygwin.com/packages/summary/libglibmm2.4-devel.html ).

Please, update it.

By the way, I'm trying to package inkscape 1.0.1.
But, missing an updated package is an obstacle against compiling inkscape in an x86 environment.
On the other hand, with libglibmm2.4-devel-2.54.1-2, inkscape 1.0.1 can be compiled and seems to work in an x86_64 environment.



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