cygport ... install starts in cwd but ... all does not

Brian Inglis
Tue May 19 18:56:31 GMT 2020

On 2020-05-19 11:43, Marco Atzeri via Cygwin-apps wrote:
> On 18.05.2020 17:47, Brian Inglis wrote:
>> On 2020-05-17 02:13, Marco Atzeri via Cygwin-apps wrote:
>>> On 17.05.2020 08:45, Brian Inglis wrote:
>>>> When rerunning a cygport build with "cygport *.cygport all" after fixing up
>>>> problems stage by stage, "doicon $NAME.png" at the start of src_install, before
>>>> "cd/pushd ${B}" fails with fatal message "*** ERROR: file $NAME.png does not
>>>> exist", whereas rerunning "cygport *.cygport install" succeeds without any
>>>> messages.
>>>> Even changing cd to pushd, and adding popd at the end of each src_... function,
>>>> does not solve the issue.
>>>> The package does not include an icon, so I downloaded something suitable to the
>>>> same package directory as the $NAME.cygport and *.patch PATCH_URI files.
>>>> Any alternative approaches that anyone can suggest might work?

>>> can we see the file ?
>>> May be is a banal issue that you are oversighting

>> Doh - of course - attached!

> may be also the patches ?

You mean switching to apply during prep?
You are probably right!
Thanks very much for that insight.
Will have to look into what that runs.

> Anyway removing most of the cygport to fake the compilation
> and installation and putting just some pwd before and after the
> pushd/popd to see what is happening:
> $ cygport tek4010.cygport compile
>>>> Compiling tek4010-1.5-1.x86_64
> /pub/tmp
> /pub/tmp/tek4010-1.5-1.x86_64/build
> /pub/tmp
> $ cygport tek4010.cygport install
>>>> Installing tek4010-1.5-1.x86_64
> /pub/tmp
> *** ERROR: file Tek4010.png does not exist

Thanks also for the suggestion of approach to take using pwd around everything.

> so you need a pushd ${S} before
>     doicon Tek4010.png
>     pushd ${B}

SRC_DIR=Tek4010 as the sources are extracted in that directory instead of src.

The local package files .cygport, .patch, .png are all under my main
~/src/cygwin/tek4010/ directory where I invoke cygport, so it starts there, but
seems unable to get back there.

Should be able to get this done and maybe offer an ITP.

Although this package appears designed to build in user home dir under Raspbian
(and Ubuntu, so also Debian), it does not seem to be packaged anywhere I can find.

I'll see if the author would be interested in a packaging PR to remove home dir
dependencies and support Cygwin packaging and its metas, and maybe I could also
add Debian/Raspbian/Ubuntu metas as they are somewhat similar and standard.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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