cygport ... install starts in cwd but ... all does not

Marco Atzeri
Sun May 17 08:13:15 GMT 2020

On 17.05.2020 08:45, Brian Inglis wrote:
> When rerunning a cygport build with "cygport *.cygport all" after fixing up
> problems stage by stage, "doicon $NAME.png" at the start of src_install, before
> "cd/pushd ${B}" fails with fatal message "*** ERROR: file $NAME.png does not
> exist", whereas rerunning "cygport *.cygport install" succeeds without any
> messages.
> Even changing cd to pushd, and adding popd at the end of each src_... function,
> does not solve the issue.
> The package does not include an icon, so I downloaded something suitable to the
> same package directory as the $NAME.cygport and *.patch PATCH_URI files.
> Any alternative approaches that anyone can suggest might work?

can we see the file ?
May be is a banal issue that you are oversighting

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