cygport patches for consideration

Achim Gratz
Tue Apr 7 18:11:18 GMT 2020

Yaakov Selkowitz writes:
>> I guess I can change my cygport generator instead to use
>> CPAN_DIR when needed, but haven't got around doing so.
> Depending on its size, it would be nice to get this generator into
> cygport's tools, and could possibly be used as the basis for other such
> generators for other languages.

It does a few other things before it gets to generating a cygport file.
It'd probably be a day or two of excising the cygport generation
facility, but again I'd need a round tuit.  But then again who knows
what we might have time for unexpectedly…

> This change would reduce the number of possible dependencies found by
> only looking for those starting at the beginning of a line, which
> should eliminate false positives from perldocs and optional deps.  So,
> yes, some more false negatives, but also much less false positives. 
> When would there be false positives in this case?

I haven't tested it, but it seems that you would pick up conditional
imports that employ the "if" pragmatic module (which is the canonical
way of doing conditional imports).  Short of special-casing the more
common uses of these you're left holding the bag on these anyway since
you simply can't know whether the condition is true without evaluating
the scope.  On the other hand you're now prone to skip imports in BEGIN
blocks, since these would mostly be indented.

>> When looking in setup.log.full…  this output used to go to the console,
>> but got axed quite some time ago.
> Most people aren't going to check the log for that, nor does the log
> allow them to do anything about it.

Well, at least it lets them know _if_ they care.

>> > What would make more sense is to have a utility akin to "rpmconf -a"
>> > on RPM-based systems which allows the user to compare existing files
>> > with their /etc/defaults and choose if and how to merge the
>> > differences.
>> Sure, but that's not cygport's business, no?
> No, this would be something separate, or possibly part of cygutils. 
> But's it's not the postinstall's business either AFAIAC.

That's the only good place we have at the moment.  I've built it into
base-files three and a half years ago in case you're wondering.

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