cygport patches for consideration

Yaakov Selkowitz
Tue Apr 7 00:52:02 GMT 2020

On Sun, 2020-04-05 at 20:54 +0200, Achim Gratz wrote:
> I've prepared a branch on top of current master for your perusal:
> As you can see they've been battle-tested by me for quite some time already:
> commit 779a7dd2fc834d45fb0f46cded647557ece17d8f (to-upstream)
> Date:   Sat Apr 20 20:02:33 2013 +0200
>     switch submodule gnuconfig to HTTPS protocol
>     Live more easily with stupid firewalls...

Pushed to master.

> commit fd17952c457b808e360e5ed75ffae8d9571283ad
> Date:   Sun Dec 6 13:32:38 2015 +0100
>     lib/pkg_pkg.cygpart: uniquify requirements after the version has been stripped off
>     * lib/pkg_pkg.cygpart: Move the "sort -fu" command to after the
>       stripping of the version part.  Otherwise some dependencies might
>       get listed twice (perl_base does this sometimes).

Please no CVS style commit messages, I haven't done that in cygport for
over a decade.  Code itself looks okay though.

> commit 40296640fdd0951d72ae0c107f2a46bbf8111ca3
> Date:   Wed Oct 3 08:56:42 2012 +0200
>     support subdirectories in CPAN download URL
>     * cygclass/perl.cygclass: Allow CPAN_AUTHOR to have an /... suffix.
>       This is necessary for some modules that put the distribution files
>       in some subdirectory.  Only upcase the actual author name (up until
>       the first "/") and preserve case for the suffix part.  By request of
>       Reini Urban, also add a variable CPAN_DIR that alternately, if set,
>       will be used to concatenate as ${CPAN_AUTHOR}/${CPAN_DIR} before
>       determining the CPAN download URL.  Neither variable should have a
>       slash ("/") at the beginning or the end.

There is no need for two variables to do the same thing.  I like
Reini's idea but let's call it CPAN_SUBDIR instead.  What about the
attached patch 0001?

> commit 22b3f22b92c472df80be0fdcfd3854bfd19e16f8
> Date:   Sun May 18 17:52:10 2014 +0200
>     pkg_info.cygport: correct search order for Perl dependencies
>     * lib/pkg_info.cygpart: Correct search order for Perl dependencies and
>       suppress auto-generation of Perl dependencies when NO_PERL_DEPS is
>       defined.
>     Dependency generation for Perl at least is too simplistic and doesn't
>     take into account that some modules required or used might actually be
>     optional.  It tends to generate too long dependency lists that vary
>     with the Perl distributions already installed.
>     For starters, the search order should be the reverse of
>     @INC to skip dependencies that are built-in to perl already, but that
>     doesn't pick up those modules that are needed with a higher version
>     since only the presence of the module is detected.  Files in site_perl
>     shoud never be searched since these are local installs.  Files in
>     vendor_perl might be useful to check, however due to the version
>     problem it is better to inject the module dpenedencies from the
>     cygport file.  So skip those searches when NO_PERL_DEPS is defined,
>     which it will be for auto-generated cygport files for Perl
>     distributions (the information is pulled from CPAN/MetaCPAN).

Let's improve the auto-detection instead.  What about the attached
patch 0002?

> commit 2e61b06df6bd5a742f92c25b50d335945e17a34b
> Date:   Sat Aug 18 12:43:23 2018 +0200
>     bin/ provide all-test / almostall-test commands on CLI for symmetry with package-test / pkg-test

Nak.  almostall is a deprecated alias of all, there is no need for
symmetry here.

> commit 34e6e1f2dcdf45ac4a3f9e70cae1a8290d860cd9
> Date:   Fri Nov 3 21:47:54 2017 +0100
>     Automatically create a test release if the release string starts with a literal "0"
>     * lib/pkg_pkg.cygpart: Test for a literal "0" as the first character
>       in the release string and make a test release if true.

Nak.  There is not necessarily any correlation between a -0.* release
and whether it should be test or not.

> commit 7f6fb93eaa9e4afe9e12bd57ebb3e8a4daa135ff
> Date:   Sat Apr 8 17:00:34 2017 +0200
>     Show pkg_tag in chatter
>     lib/pkg_pkg.cygpart: inform when creating hint files for a test
>     release

Pushed a slightly different approach to master.  Not sure what the
second part of that patch is supposed to be, however, as there is no
$pkg_testrelease variable in cygport.

> commit 01e199380e32f214c2809d3dcc76f51b61de6d01
> Date:   Sat Sep 17 10:07:10 2016 +0200
>     lib/src_install.cygpart: correct test in make_etc_defaults, possibly show diff
>     * lib/src_install.cygpart (make_etc_defaults): The preremove script
>       only removes plain files when they match the default, so the
>       postinstall script must not install files if _anything_ with the
>       same name already exists.  Change the test from '-f' to '-e'.  If
>       /usr/bin/diff is installed and the target is a plain file, show the
>       diff to the default so the user can decide more easily what to do.

The first part is ok once the commit is reworded.  But when would a
user see the output of a postinstall script?  What would make more
sense is to have a utility akin to "rpmconf -a" on RPM-based systems
which allows the user to compare existing files with their
/etc/defaults and choose if and how to merge the differences.


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