cygport development

Federico Kircheis
Mon Oct 14 08:55:00 GMT 2019

On 13/10/2019 18.41, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Federico Kircheis writes:
>> I've sent the patches the 14.07.19, unfortunately I still got no answer.
> The cygport maintainer is rather busy with non-Cygwin related work these
> days, I suppose.  Anyway, one of the questions I have is why you need
> these changes.  Most build systems do not actually work when they
> encounter a path with spaces if they use make under the hood, so fixing
> cygport to grok such path locations isn't getting you much further I'd
> think.  Can you explain?


I've built some software in my windows home directory.
It contains a space.
I expected it to work.

Instead of failing with a clear error message, the build process deleted 
some unrelated files as it cd failed (or cd in the wrong directory, cant 
remember right now).

I believe it is unacceptable to delete unrelated data.

Even if it stated that there is no intention to support path with 
spaces, those scripts should fail fast and ideally with a clear error 

I found it easier to quote the offending variables, as not only spaces 
might cause issues.

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