[Attn. Maintainers] perl-5.30.1

Andrew Schulman via cygwin-apps cygwin-apps@cygwin.com
Fri Nov 29 21:22:00 GMT 2019

> Achim Gratz writes:
> > Perl version 5.30.1 was just released.  I will have an unexpected
> > timeslot available at the beginning of next week that I plan to use to
> > update Perl for Cygwin.  This of course means all Perl distribution
> > packages and any other packages that install into the Perl module
> > directories will need to be updated.
> So it appears likely that the update shifts to the beginning of next
> year (which probably means early February rather than mid-to-end
> January).

I'll probably have time to work through this before then. But in case I don't,
and I just wait to update stow until you release the new Perl version, is there
any disadvantage to that aside from the short time when stow won't work with the
latest Perl? And the risk of a further delay due to any build problems?


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