[Attn. Maintainers] perl-5.30.1

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Sun Nov 17 18:28:00 GMT 2019

Achim Gratz writes:
> I'd appreciate if the respective maintainers would reply to this post
> with the names of the affected packages and if they can roll an update
> around the time mentioned.  Thanks.

I've already built the new Perl packages and the (almost) full set of
distributions.  I'm waiting for the stage 2 tests of the Perl build to
finish and will then post a repository link for you to point setup.exe
to (in addition of the Cygwin mirror) to update your own build systems.
This time around these are the same packages that will be going live on
the Cygwin mirrors unless I find an error that needs to be dealt with.

Besides Ken and Andrew, who have already responded, the only other
packages I don't yet maintain are from Yaakov (mostly Gnome and GUI
related stuff) and the *Magick wrappers that Marco maintains.  There
should be other packages with captive Perl modules (IIRC SVN and Git).
Git isn't affected because it sets up @INC itself and doesn't have
architecture-specific modules.

During the release of Perl-5.26 we've fingered the following:

biber:	             BibTeX replacement for users of BibLaTeX (installed binaries and support files)
git-svn:	     Subversion compatibility support for Git version control system
git:	             Distributed version control system
grepmail:	     search mailboxes for mail matching an expression (installed binaries and support files)
irssi:	             Modular text mode IRC client with Perl scripting
nginx-mod_http_perl: Web and mail proxy server (installed binaries and support files)
nginx-mod_http_perl: Web and mail proxy server
po4a:	             Tools for translating various file formats with gettext (installed binaries and support files)
pristine-tar:	     Regenerate pristine tarballs (installed binaries and support files)
sendxmpp:            Commandline XMPP (jabber) utility (installed binaries and support files)
subversion-perl:     A version control system (perl bindings)
texlive:             TeXLive

Again, just like the last time around, noarch packages _should_ keep
working if the files are moved to the correct directory where Perl-5.30
looks for them, but I've not really checked.  Since there have been many
changes in Perl internals, I wouldn't take chances with archful packages
(anything that comes with a DLL).

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