[ITP] trader 7.13

John Zaitseff J.Zaitseff@zap.org.au
Sat Nov 16 21:19:00 GMT 2019


I'd like to package Star Traders ("trader") for Cygwin.

Star Traders is a simple text-based game of interstellar trading,
where the objective is to create companies, buy and sell shares,
borrow and repay money, in order to become the wealthiest player
(the winner).  The home page is located at:


Being the upstream maintainer, I've made a cygport file that
compiles on both 32-bit and 64-bit Cygwin systems:


The "trader" package is already included in multiple operating
systems, as listed on https://pkgs.org/download/trader and
https://repology.org/metapackage/trader/versions : ALT Linux, AUR
Linux, EPEL, Fedora, Mageia, OpenBSD, openSUSE.  I also have
packages for Debian and Ubuntu and will be looking for a sponsor...

As stated in the package itself and on the home page, the licence is

Please let me know if I've missed anything.  I request the sftp
upload privileges needed to make this package a part of the Cygwin
distribution.  Thanks!

Yours truly,

John Zaitseff

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