[ITP] italic-man

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Sun Aug 11 09:33:00 GMT 2019

Am 11.08.2019 um 00:29 schrieb Brian Inglis:
> On 2019-08-10 03:07, Thomas Wolff wrote:
>> Am 09.08.2019 um 22:51 schrieb Brian Inglis:
>>> On 2019-08-09 13:31, Thomas Wolff wrote:
>>>> Am 09.08.2019 um 20:56 schrieb Achim Gratz:
>>>>> Jon Turney writes:
>>>>>> This gets a GTG from me.
>>>>>> I believe that according to our stated procedures additional approvals
>>>>>> are required, because this package is unique to cygwin.
>>>>> I'm not sure I remember correctly from when the discussion went on the
>>>>> first time, but wasn't there some mumbling about this partly going into
>>>>> groff?  If that's still the case, remind me what this would entail and
>>>>> I'll look into it.
>>>> There are multiple ways of activating the feature (also described in the man
>>>> page).
>>>> The previous strategy placed a shell script wrapper "groff" aside groff, so the
>>>> groff script and groff.exe would coexist in /bin. This was tricky to install and
>>>> particularly it reportedly did not survive a package update of groff.
>>>> The new approach does not use this wrapper anymore. Instead it redirects nroff
>>>> to the package-supplied iroff script by configuration in /etc/man_db.conf.
> How are updates to man-db, /etc/man_db.conf etc. handled?
I checked the man-db postinstall script, and it does not overwrite 
man_db.conf if it exists already, so the modification will persist.
> Is a permanent postinstall script provided to maintain the conf on man-db updates?
Not needed under the observation above. If it were, how would a 
permanent postinstall be deployed?

>>> There's also use of the undocumented LESS_TERMCAP_... with GROFF_NO_SGR env vars
>>> (see attached - must be sourced from profile or rc) to remap bold, underline,
>>> etc. into italic and/or colour, or whatever else you want to change, in all less
>>> output.
>> So (without my package) LESS_TERMCAP_us=$(tput sitm) man ls
>> should have the same effect? Cannot reproduce. And what does GROFF_NO_SGR do?
> Those settings affect all *less* output, not just *man*.
> Some people can't stand any colours (white on black was good enough for my
> grandfather...) the same as I couldn't wait for decent fonts, graphics, and
> colour support on something other than plotters, like displays and printers, and
> then for files.
> Options are good, to allow users to choose where and what is affected, and how.
> Sorry, been messing around with colours, fonts, graphics, and SGR sequences so
> much, that I can't remember what led to what. You need the reset sequences also.
> Set GROFF_NO_SGR=1 to pass old bold/italic overstrikes thru for less to
> colourize - looks like if GROFF_NO_SGR just exists it works:
> 	$ LESS_TERMCAP_md=$(tput bold)$(tput setaf 4) \
> 	LESS_TERMCAP_me=$(tput sgr0) \
> 	LESS_TERMCAP_us=$(tput sitm)$(tput setaf 4) \
> 	LESS_TERMCAP_ue=$(tput ritm)$(tput sgr0) \
> 	GROFF_NO_SGR= man man
> bold is also bright blue, underline is shown as italic in blue: the attached now
> sets these up in the env.
> Other uses of SGR sequences are in e.g.:
> 	$ GREP_COLORS='mt=0;33;44;1;7:ln=34' grep -bnHi color ~/.bash*
> which on mt matches resets SGR, then sets fg colour yellow, background blue,
> enables bold, then reverses those colours, to display bold blue on bright
> yellow, line numbers in green, defaulting file names to magenta, and byte counts
> in blue; also e.g.:
> 	$ \
> GCC_COLORS='error=01;31:warning=01;35:note=01;36:caret=01;32:locus=01:quote=01'\
> 	gcc -g -Og -Wall -Wextra -c mintty_config.c
> as I run black fg text in white bg windows, and bright yellow fg warnings are
> invisible; just like blue fg messages in black bg windows, most combos of
> magenta and red, and many of cyan and green: those similar hues should be
> unmappable pairs in any colour palette!

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