calm warnings for libgfortran5 & libgnat8

Andrew Schulman
Fri Apr 12 16:16:00 GMT 2019

> On 12/04/2019 15:26, Andrew Schulman wrote:
> > calm sent me the below after I uploaded screen-4.6.2-3. Do I need to do
> > anything about the warnings? I'm not sure what they're about. I don't think
> > I have any packages that depend on libgfortran5 or libgnat8, but maybe I'm
> > wrong.
> It's safe for you to ignore these messages.
> These are warnings about the current state of the package release area 
> after the test release gcc 8.3.0-1 was uploaded (in which libfortan and 
> libgnat had soversion bumps, so now exist as packages without a current 
> version)
> Unfortunately calm is not (currently) smart enough to know who needs to 
> be told about this, so it tells everyone.

Cool, thanks. I'm just always glad when it's not my fault.

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