mintty should have skipped one version

Thomas Wolff
Sun Oct 7 09:19:00 GMT 2018

>> I think I uploaded mintty 2.9.3 with a dedicated mintty-2.9.3-0.hint file with
>> the first two lines
>> curr: 2.9.3-0
>> prev: 2.9.1-0
>> but setup still offers 2.9.2 as a choice. Did I miss the point in the upload
>> procedure?
Brian Inglis wrote:
> Maybe use override.hint instead as described in:
> where replace-versions should reference 2.9.2-?
According to,
it should be "not associated with a specific /version-release/", that's 
why I did not consider this for the use case.

Marco wrote:
> In this case I prefer to remove the broken version,
OK, so how would I do that?

> As mentioned by Brian, can you for the future start with revision "-1" ?
> In theory we are using revison 0.x for test version pre-release.
> You are one of the few starting with 0 
In contrast to many packages that are adapted from somewhere "upstream", 
cygwin is the native development environment for mintty, and is packaged 
without patches. I kind of like to express that with the -0.

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