mbed TLS package

Jon Turney jon.turney@dronecode.org.uk
Sat Apr 29 11:33:00 GMT 2017

On 29/04/2017 12:10, Andy Li wrote:
> I've just tried to upload the package, and calm notified me about the
> errors as follows:
>> ERROR: package 'libmbedtls10' version '2.4.2-1' requires nonexistent package 'libmbedx509'
>> ERROR: package 'mbedtls-devel' version '2.4.2-1' requires nonexistent package 'libmbedx509'
>> ERROR: error while validating merged x86 packages for Andy Li
> Maybe it's because of "libmbedx509" having a number at the end of its
> name, incorrectly interpreted as its version number (0)?
> Its package name is "libmbedx509-0".

Using a package name containing a hyphen followed by a digit isn't 
actually forbidden currently, but perhaps should be.  It introduces an 
ambiguity about where the version starts.

This seems to tickle a bug somewhere in cygport as it doesn't generate 
the requires: correctly

It would be much better if cygport just said "no" when you tried to use 
a package name with a hyphen followed by a digit.

> Any tips to fix it is appreciated.

Name the package 'libmbedx509_0'

See [1], which we generally follow:

"If the base package name ends with a digit, a single underscore ("_") 
MUST be appended to the name, and the version MUST be appended to that, 
in order to avoid confusion over where the name ends and the version 


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