Packages which do nothing

Jon Turney
Sun Apr 9 17:50:00 GMT 2017

Following on from the discussion up to [1]

Below is a list of packages that:
1/all install packages are empty
2/have no dependencies
3/aren't obsoletion packages

The majority of these are annotated 'empty', 'source only' or similar, 
but as pointed out, it's somewhat confusing to show these in setup's 
package list, as installing the binary package does nothing.

I've made a change to calm so packages satisfying these conditions don't 
appear in setup.ini, so they won't be offered for installation by setup.

These sources are still installable by asking setup to install the 
source of any of the subpackages (e.g. the corresponding runtime library 
or devel package)


> amd
> analitza
> arpack
> btf
> camd
> ccolamd
> cholmod
> colamd
> cxsparse
> gl2ps
> klu
> lapack
> ldl
> libart_lgpl_2
> libdaemon (only on x86)
> libqalculate
> libtorrent
> libwnck
> netcdf-cxx4
> netcdf-fortran
> onig
> openblas
> qimageblitz (only on x86)
> qrupdate
> rbio
> serf
> slang
> spqr
> suitesparseconfig
> umfpack

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