[ITP] DocBook 5 + tools

Holger Bast holgerbast@gmx.de
Wed Apr 5 19:12:00 GMT 2017

Hello Jon,
thanks for your reply.

Jon Turney schrieb:
> On 30/03/2017 16:39, Holger Bast wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I'm interested in maintaining DocBook 5 schemata plus some additional tools for docbook (daps and jing-trang). I've
>> never maintained a package before, so I think the best way for me would be starting with DocBook 5. By creating the
>> cygport file I run into some questions that I would like to address:
> Thanks for doing this.
> For the avoidance of doubt, what license applies to this?

DocBook is an open standard from OASIS.

>> 1) docbook-5.0 installation path
>> All docbook-4.x files are installed in /usr/share/xml/docbook/<xml-dtd-4.5> and so on. With DocBook 5 the distribution
>> format changed and there is now one folder with all necessary information:
> [...]

I decided not to rely on the "old" docbook-4.x files and generate a new one. This package will not collide with any
docbook-4.x installation!

>> I propose to put the hole distribution under
>> /usr/share/xml/docbook/docbook-5.0/
>> so everything is in one place. I also had a look at Ubuntu; they put the schema-folders (dtd, rng, schematron (renamed
>> sch), xsd and catalog-docbook5.xml) under
>> /usr/share/xml/docbook/schema
>> and all documentation in their doc-structure. In my opinion, putting everything at one place would be the easiest way
>> to work with.
> I think the documentation should be under /usr/share/doc, both to conform with our packaging guidelines (such as they
> are), and for discoverability (people may know to look in /usr/share/doc for documentation)

Ok. I'll check that tomorrow and update my package and recipe file :)

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