MP3 decoding support in Cygwin

Yaakov Selkowitz
Sun Nov 13 20:07:00 GMT 2016

As you may have heard, Red Hat legal has determined that MP3 decoding 
support may now be freely distributed, and hence is being added to 
Fedora proper.  This applies to Cygwin as well, and therefore (as I just 
announced), mpg123 and libmad have been added to the distribution. 
(GStreamer has had MP3 playback support since February via the acmmp3dec 
plugin, which wraps Windows ACM.)  Free to use these libraries in any of 
your packages.

Please note that *only* MP3 *decoding* support is being allowed at this 
time.  So no LAME (or twoLAME), nor MPEG *video* decoding (smpeg or 
libmpeg2), etc., until further notice.

While we cannot comment on any specific patents, if you have any 
questions as to whether a particular package may be permitted, please 
feel free to ask here.


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