Removing cygwin32-*, cygwin64-*

Tony Kelman
Sun Feb 14 12:32:00 GMT 2016

Achim Gratz writes:
> I guess that'd be fixable in cygport.  But if you are just worried about
> having to enter the passphrase twice, you could use ssh-agent and then
> ssh with agent forwarding into the second installation (or into both
> from another box, as I do).

Yeah, just entering the passphrase from two terminals sounds way easier
than this. I'll send a patch for cygport if I take a look through its
source at any point.

Thomas Wolff writes:
> What about the mingw cross-compiling packages? Are they any good for
> (never tried)?

Yes! These are super useful for building applications that don't depend
on the Cygwin dll or require a posix libc. You use the Cygwin build
environment and all its useful tools, but then deploy the application by
itself. I find Cygwin-to-mingw cross-compilation to be better-behaved
and easier to automate than MSYS2 (having a self-hosted posix dependent
package manager is kind of a mistake on Windows), as long as you can
teach the application that you are building how to cross compile. It
ends up looking almost identical to cross-compilation from Linux using
mingw, but with the advantage that you can execute your tests too
without needing something like Wine.



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