[SECURITY] p7zip: CVE-2015-1038

Tony Kelman tony@kelman.net
Thu Feb 11 03:59:00 GMT 2016

> What means "NMU"?

Sorry, that's a Debian term for "non-maintainer upload." I don't know
if we ever do those in Cygwin?

> Recently the default configuration has been changed to only have hashes
> in that file. You could change it back or use ssh management commands
> to remove the existing entries for sourceware or cygwin that are hashed
> into the file.

I'm not very familiar with the intricacies of ssh auth options, as you
can probably guess. I tried removing ~/.ssh/known_hosts (backing up to
a different file name) but no change. Is there a cygport or sftp or ssh
option via command line or environment variable that I can set for more
verbose debugging output that might tell us what's going on here?



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