setup.hint documentation issues

Achim Gratz
Tue Feb 9 19:31:00 GMT 2016

Jon Turney writes:
> I think currently UTF-8 displays correctly in the HTML package pages,
> but neither encoding displays correctly in setup.
> I'd suggest that we specify UTF-8 and eventually fix setup to handle that.

UTF-8 these days, please.

> I'd suggest this mangling is removed, and sdesc starting
> "packagename:" is explicitly reported.


> I'd suggest that double-quoting of those keys is made mandatory, and
> embedded double-quotes are forbidden, as this permits simpler
> processing of this text, lexing character by character.

OK, although we might need some sort of escaping in the long run.

> upset knows enough to omit packages which have no install tarfiles
> (i.e. are source-only) from from setup.ini, irrespective of 'skip'.
> However, the presence of 'skip' also causes the package to be omitted
> from the HTML package list.

I could be wrong, but it seems it may have been intended to deal with
packages that became obsolete, but the previous version was still kept.

> I think cygport's behaviour has changed over time, but currently will
> mark source-packages as 'skip', however there are several packages
> that are source-only (e.g. attica), that are missing 'skip'.

So the proposal is to remove skip or make it mandatory for source-only

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